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Neurotype Assessments

Wonder if you have ADHDer, Autistic and/or Gifted neurotype? 

Phoenix offers neurotype assessments which evaluates for holistic traits, common mental health symptoms, and social/communication differences. This assessment isn't to diagnose you, but give you peace of mind about what brain type you have and what traits you posses. It's great for those who have non-stereotypical presentations that traditional assessors miss. Learn more below.

Teacher Helping Student

Our Assessments

Created by a Gifted AuADHDer

How It Started

In 2022, Phoenix noticed a trend in zir clients who had been denied a formal Autism diagnosis due to having a non-stereotypical presentation. These clients were commonly also Gifted, ADHD, and had mental health challenges which confused traditional assessors. 

Phoenix began assessing clients for the most common traits of these neurotypes and helped clients to better understand themselves and their misdiagnosis.

Outside Consultation

With the help of several notable neurodivergent professionals, like Dr. Megan Neff from Neurodivergent Insights, and books like the Adult Autism Assessment Guide, Phoenix began formalizing the assessment process and offering it to clients as a separate service.

​Phoenix also receives regular supervision from a neurodivergent therapist, Elena Davis, LCSW, who helped to support this process.

How Does It Work?

Before getting started, Phoenix will clarify with you what neurotypes you'd like assessed and if you have any co-occurring mental health issues that will impact the assessment. Assessments can take anywhere from three to ten sessions, depending on what neurotypes are being assessed and other factors.

During the assessment, Phoenix will describe a variety of traits and trends that are most common for said neurotype. Ze will record your answers, make notations, and behavioral observations.

Final Report and Accomodations

You'll receive a finalized report of the assessment. This can be used for your own personal healing journey, with other professionals and to gain accommodations at school or work.

For an extra fee, Phoenix can write a letter advocating for accommodations using the final report. Many schools and workplaces do not require proof of a formal diagnosis to gain access to accommodations. Phoenix will help walk you through the process, so you can get the support you need.

Interested in Booking?

Fees: $300 per 45 minute assessment session

For ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted People 

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