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Family Collaborative Sessions

Are you struggling with your neurodivergent child with meltdowns, anxiety and emotional dysregulation? Have other professionals been ableist and judgemental about your situation? Phoenix can help.

Session Details



Learn more about what being neurodivergent means. We will cover common traits and challenges. Discuss how these can impact us in positive and challenging ways. Gain vital information about the nervous system differences for sensory divergent groups. And more!

Happy Family

Skill Building

Skill building is tricky when you're neurodivergent. Often times we are forgetful, unfocused, and operating on ingrained stress patterns. Phoenix helps families address environmental factors first, then works to build the skills families need to thrive.

Image by Isaac Smith


Our sessions are goal-oriented and have a coaching feel. Together, we will come up with a list of realistic goals for our time together. These typically include psychoeducation topics, accommodations, collaboration with other professionals, and skill building.

For ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted People 

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