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Neurodiversity-Affirming Individual Therapy

Do you often feel misunderstood and judged for being different? Wondering if you're neurodivergent and what traits you have? Looking for someone who "gets it"?

Phoenix specializes with late-identified (after 12 yo) ADHD, Autistic and Gifted people ages 12+. Move from feeling confused, anxious and depressed, to accepting yourself, adapting to your challenges, and living your best life. Read more below about specialty areas.

Not Your Average Therapist

Get to Know Phoenix's Style

Phoenix is not your average therapist. Ze takes an active role in the room and works from a coaching/mentoring framework. Ze works best with clients who struggle in traditional talk therapy, and need a more direct approach.


Phoenix is solution-oriented and creates in-depth treatment plans with zir clients to address complex mental health needs, various life challenges, and big life transitions.

Coaching and Mentoring

Phoenix takes a coaching and mentoring style approach to support zir clients. Ze believes that unresolved trauma shows up in our present day life, and loves to walk client's through unpacking and resolving their trauma in real time. Phoenix empowers clients to take an active role in their healing process through learning to better identify needs, set boundaries, build coping skills, and get accommodations.

Complex Trauma Recovery

Complex trauma is a type of developmental trauma that impacts many areas of our life. Learning nervous system regulation is at the foundation of our early childhood development. By learning to regulate our nervous system and break free of patterns of fight/flight/freeze, we can live our best life. 

Suicidal Thoughts and Self-Harm

Phoenix is trained in CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality) and is passionate about helping to address issues of low self-worth, existential problems, and major life crisis. Ze also provides understanding support for those who are suicidal and self-harming, because ze has been there too.

Executive Dysfunction

At the core of executive dysfunction is nervous system dysregulation (aka "emotional dysregulation"). Our brain doesn't have access to our executive functioning when we are in fight/flight/freeze. Many neurodivergent people struggle with regulation due to our modern day environment. Work with Phoenix to make lifestyle changes that support your brain functioning.

Goal and Solution-Oriented

Phoenix offers an effective goal and solutions-oriented approach. Each session there's opportunity to discuss current challenges and gain feedback from Phoenix about possible solutions or coping strategies. If there's nothing to discuss, we will review the treatment plan and the client will decide what to work on next. This allows us to make great use of our time so you're getting the most out of therapy.

Life Changes and Loss

When it comes to big life transitions and grieving losses, there's no set path. The five stages of grief have been disproven by research. Instead, Phoenix uses a resiliency model created by Lucy Hone. Phoenix loves supporting those during their grieving process and other big life changes like divorce or going to college.

Somatic Practices

Learn how to free yourself from overthinking and negative thoughts through connection with the body. It helps individuals address emotional issues through physical sensations. This approach can be beneficial for those who struggle to express feelings verbally. Practices include stretching, breathing, and sensing exercises.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-informed yoga focuses on creating a safe environment for individuals to explore their mind-body connection. With an emphasis on choice and autonomy, participants are encouraged to make decisions about their practice based on their own needs and boundaries. This approach can help individuals feel empowered and in control of their healing journey.

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For ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted People 

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