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Neurodiversity-Affirming Online Therapy for Late-Identified ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted People, Ages 12+ in Colorado 

Do you look like you "have it all together" on the outside, but inside you are deeply suffering? Have you felt misunderstood, judged and gaslighted by those around you? Do you need support understanding your neurodivergent identity from someone who truly gets it?

I'm here for you.

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Hi there.

My name is Phoenix Rising, LSW (Ze/Zir or She/Her)

I'm a late-identified ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted person who struggled in traditional therapy while trying to resolve my complex trauma.

I specialize in working with those who are "late identified", meaning you were not identified as an neurodivergent (ND) during childhood. Often NDs are misdiagnosed, invalidated and misunderstood by professionals, which causes confusion and derails healing. Furthermore, many professionals have an outdated understanding of ADHD and Autism diagnosis, and can cause more harm than good. 

I bring into my work everything I think is missing from traditional models; a holistic approach using a nervous system lens that honors our evolved human needs as neurodivergent people. I support my clients to move through their pain and into leading a fulfilling, meaningful life.

What is Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy?

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Neurodiversity-affirming therapy is an approach that recognizes and respects the diverse ways in which individuals process and experience the world, particularly those with who identify as ADHD, Autistic and Gifted. 


By valuing their unique strengths and addressing their specific needs, this therapeutic approach aims to empower and support neurodivergent individuals in navigating their lives with self-acceptance and greater well-being.

Instead of trying to "fix" you, we support you to accept, honor, and value your differences, while teaching strategies to navigate your mental health challenges.

LGBTQ+ Affirming


Sex, Kink & Poly/ENM Affirming

Lived-Experience Practioner


Phoenix offers a variety of mental health services, including ADHD/Autistic/Gifted neurotype assessments (an alternative to diagnosis). Read more below.

For ADHD, Autistic, and Gifted People 

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